Friday, August 28, 2009

...And August is still killing me

We were fired from our biggest client yesterday, Aug 27. Today, Aug 28th, we were informed another large client is out of budget and we will not get any work until 2010...but we know that's bullshit and we'll never get work from them ever.

I hate the month of August. The month of August hates me.

Monday, August 24, 2009

माय फुच्किंग अगस्त

God hates me.

Proof? I offer the month of August.

I guy puked on me in the bathroom at Toon's on Southport in Chicago.
I choked on a chicken wing about 15 minutes later.
While exiting on Lake Shore Drive at 8 am one morning, some jackass in a high-rise threw 'some kind of liquid' from his balcony which landed all over my car.
My bike was stolen out of my garage.
My assistant quit today.


...there are seven more days to go in August.

Friday, June 27, 2008

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Las Vegas has never been sweeter

Went back to Las Vegas to try to right the egregious wrongs of Resorts East Chicago and had the greatest run ever. The Hard Rock Hotel was especially generous with a six-figure payout. The Palms Hotel and Casino was also a lucky spot picking up less, but much needed winnings to recoup the bundle dropped in Indiana. Don't know why the river boats in IN just beat the hell out of everyone, but they do. I shall give them one final try...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Resorts East Chicago - gambling

So last night I decided to give old Resorts another shot; specifically the blackjack table. I have a terrible, torrid losing streak at this place and probability laws suggest the tied will turn.

I think something is up with this place. When I play in Vegas, the amount of times the dealer is showing an ace or a face card is probably 90% less often then the pride and joy of East Chicago.

As usual, I offered up all my cash within three shoes. The dealer broke one of the three of us playing before I walked away. It seemed every other hand the dealer had an ace or face card up.

The trip before, the dealer had blackjack FOUR TIMES IN A ROW. I am not kidding, I am not exaggerating...

Going to Las Vegas this weekend and will literally count how many times per shoe the dealers there have a strong hand. Let's see if it's just random or something more...